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Friday, November 25, 2011

Bountiful Nourishment

When we consider the meaning of "nourishment", most often we think of food, especially at Thanksgiving time. When I asked my facebook peeps, which food they were most excited to eat this Thanksgiving dinner, seventeen friends listed everything from mashed potatoes and gravy, to sweet potatoes, to pumpkin pie, to "ALL THE FOOD" to you name it. There's no question that the feast of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is a beautiful thing; But there are many other ways we receive and give nourishment that deserve our attention and consideration.

Sharing time with family and friends during the holidays, is most often a priority. And whether it's those hectic moments juggling food preparation in the kitchen or the post meal leisure time enjoying the tryptophan induced nap, we become nourished by spending time with those we love. Exchanging hugs, playtime, and "I love you's" is sustenance for our hearts, while the exchange of stories, smiles and laughter rejuvenate our souls.

If you're lucky enough to have a four day weekend, then maybe you're relishing your extra time by planning and updating your unfinished basement, reading classic literature, or practicing a beloved hobby. However you exercise your imagination, these activities are necessary for the support and growth of our minds and intellects.

And what about recess?  Do you let your body enjoy the feast of movement on a regular basis?  Vacation days often contribute to the motivation to initiate an exercise routine, attempt a new method of physical expression, or simply allow for bonus mileage enjoying our usual sports.  Our bones thrive on being stressed and weighted, and our muscles long the rhythm of contraction and lengthening.   In any respect, your body LOVES to move, so let it feast and play.

However you spend your Thanksgiving Day and weekend, I wish you the ability to recognize what kind of nourishment you're truly hungry for;  And I wish you the gift of both giving and receiving bountiful nourishment in any and every way we're fortunate enough to experience.  xoxo